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LionHeart's New Global Forum Rules '08

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LionHeart's New Global Forum Rules '08

Post by Stead on Sat 01 Nov 2008, 5:05 am

LionHeart's New Global Forum Rules '08

Welcome to LionHeart!
We are happy to have you here.
Like any forum, there are a set of rules to be followed, so here goes..

1.) Spamming

Spamming is Allowed in LH but not to be abused or to be done repeatedly.
Avoid reply with smiley only, you may add at least 1 more word aside from smiley.
SPAM is an acronym for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages".
It will not only cause more work for the staff but you will also bring down on yourself a bad reputation. Only post when necessary and all your post should be meaningful.

Check below to see which posts comes into this category :

A post with 1 or no word at all
A post with "Pa Spam po" or "spam"
A post with only smilies
A post with excessive use of smilies
A post with excessive use of caps (shouting)
A post "advertising" other free hosts
A post with only question/exclamation-marks
A post with excessive use of question/exclamation-marks
A post with no relevance to the subject
A post only stating that the previous poster is spamming
A post which contains xxx contents
A post repeated in same thread
A post repeated in other threads(cross-posting)
A post insulting or hurting any other member by means of words, pictures or graphics is also spamming.

2) Bumping
Please refrain from bumping (writing the word bump) of any post since we are not on the Market Place and this will make our forum look unclean. Unless u wanted to say something relevant on the topic.

3) Flaming

Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting, usually in the social context of a discussion board on the Internet. Such messages are called flames, and are sometimes posted in response to flamebait. The word flaming is also sometimes used for long, intensive and heated discussions, even though insults do not occur. It is noted that Internet users are more likely to flame online than insult others in the real world, as the latter can lead to embarrassment and physical altercations, which online "anonymity" can avoid. However, others urge against flaming, citing that people on the other side "have feelings too."

Reasons Why Not To Flame :

You will not gain anything from flaming.

Do you want to remain long and have fun in LH? If yes, then flaming is not an option.

Are you flamed at first? Then don't flame back to that person, but simply use the button.

4.) Respect

Respect towards all members including Staff members is so important. Since this forum belongs to us, we expect your respect for the forum in return. Respect other people's opinions, although it may differ from yours. Abusive, threatening, hateful, obscence or racist behaviour has no place in this forum.

5.) Proper posting
Please post only in the proper forum and refrain from posting in the wrong forum. If you wish to reply to a topic that reveals no relevance, then please make a new thread.

6.) Avatar Size:

Your avatar must be 100 pixels in width and 100 pixels in length ONLY.
If your chosen avatar is larger than the permitted size, you can still upload it but expect to get a smaller image.

7.) Signature Size:

Your signature must be 200 pixels in width and 500 pixels in length ONLY.
If your chosen signature is larger than the permitted size, a staff member will notify you via PM. You will only have 24 hours to change or resize the image or your signature will be DELETED.

Be warned that pornographic, inflammatory or other signatures that do not obey our general rules will be DELETED without any consideration.

Use of Search Button:

To avoid SPAMMING, you can use the button located at the TOP of this page.

--Best Regards--
From LionHeart Team!



LionHeart Forum Rules

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